Heart Center Media

Louisville, KY, January 1, 2008

Today celebrates HeartLife Center representing a unique concept of heart care in the rapidly changing medical environment.

Cardiac care has undergone major upheaval in recent years, and major technological advances in treatment of heart attacks, rhythm abnormalities of the heart, heart failure and prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Most recently, there has been a trend to acquire medical practices by hospitals and corporations and to employ doctors by hospitals, corporations and to regulate and bureaucratize medical care. Patients have lost direct access to their doctors and instead have been directed toward group care and concepts of organized medicine which do not best serve patients by interfering in the doctor-patient relationship. Long lines, automated telephone lines, intermediaries have been injected as the surrogates for medical care.

In response, Heart Center of Louisville was created to address those problems and deficiencies and to provide direct access to a highly qualified cardiology specialist in cozy, pleasant atmosphere, with no rush, interference or fuss.

The philosophy of this practice is to offer state-of -the-art medical care, 24/7 access to the specialist, friendly staff, telephone answering by a human being at all times, and prompt expert service.

The second principle of the practice is to offer all services at one time, obviating the necessity for multiple visits for tests, and ability to render diagnosis in one sitting .

Services include: 1. Consultative service, 2. Noninvasive testing such as ECG, Echo, Holter, stress testing, peripheral vascular testing, pacemaker and ICD follow-up, 3. dietary counseling and 4. all modalities of cardiovascular treatment.

The patient has the peace of mind that the problem is being addressed without having to go to multiple places for additional tests most of the time, and the diagnosis and treatment can be rendered in one place at one time.